Contractor’s obligations and liability and licensing office services for large industrial projects

Econia’s contractor’s obligations and liability services as well as licensing office services cover not only the statutory part but also preventive activities. We ensure that site liability issues are handled in accordance with laws and regulations, including subcontracting. We are responsible for the pre-inspection of permits and customer liability documents, quarterly inspections and spot checks.

Emphasis on preventive action

When our proactive model of combating the grey economy is also introduced in the licensing office, the management of both subcontracting chains and the site will be improved. This in turn prevents the emergence of a grey economy.

Contractor’s obligations and liability coordinators serve at the site office

Econia’s Site & Compliance Officer works at the site office, responsible for access control, centralized information management and coordinating subscriber responsibility issues.

The operating model is tailored to the customer’s needs. If you wish, we can also take overall responsibility for the basic functions and management of the site office. Our trained experts and reliable deputy personnel system guarantee a high level of customer service in the licensing and customer liability office.