OL 3 site under way

As a member of FinNuclear Association, Econia Business Services Ltd. has acted as a very active support for the subcontractors at Olkiluoto. We have had, in total, about 100 OL3 companies as our clients, among them some major ones as well.

We have provided the companies at the Olkiluoto site with payroll administration, accounting and tax consultancy services. We have also acted as a local representative, attended to companies’ and their employees’ dealings with public services and public authorities’ requests for clarifications and inspections regarding payroll administration, occupational safety and health, taxation and bookkeeping. Several requests for correction have been clarified with the tax administration. We have also picked up tax deduction cards and done fiscal declarations.

Econia Business Services has looked after the service needs of many companies at Olkiluoto from start to finish: from registration in the beginning to the closing report at the end. The work continues. At the moment, we look after over twenty companies operating at the Olkiluoto site. Currently, the effort at Olkiluoto concerns set-ups and finishing work of the final stage. There are slightly over 3000 employees at the Olkiluoto site. At the moment, we are especially occupied with local authority inspections and requirements for detailed documentation.

All employees at the site must have a tax number from the beginning of the year 2013. Econia Business Services has naturally required all their client companies to comply with the new legislation. The turn of the year 2013 will introduce many other changes as well. Many subcontractors will either base a branch office in Finland or the employees will be recruited by a new limited company being established in Finland. This will clarify compliance with laws and regulatory requirements. Because companies’ financial affairs are also administered in Finland, this is the way many are able to set their sights on the OL4-project or perhaps some other crucial projects in Finland.