Econia Kansainväliset palvelut

Posted Workers’ Office in Finland

We offer tailored relocation services to posted workers in Finland. A smooth relocation helps the employee concentrate on the new job and saves time, money and trouble – for both employer and employee.

We make sure that your employee arriving in Finland feels welcome and settles in quickly. We provide personal assistance on all aspects of relocating, including for example immigration, housing, schools, orientation, language training, trades and services, social security, banking and importing. Our international recruitment services accompanied with relocation services guarantee successful and smooth recruitments.

We will search for and present suitable accommodation and handle all the bureaucracy needed, like lease contract and warranty, notice of removal, residence and work permits, social security number, KELA-card and tax forms. We can take care of practical arrangements such as bank accounts, insurances, internet connections, mobile phone contract and car registration. We offer personal support for the partner and children as well and take care of different kinds of personal needs.

Econia acts as the official local representative of international companies towards the Finnish Authorities. Read more on our local representation services.