Taloushallinnon palvelut Econiasta

Temporary protection of fugitives from Ukraine

The Government decided on the target group for the temporary protection of fugitives from Ukraine.

In all EU countries, the following receive temporary protection:

  • Citizens of Ukraine and their families
  • Persons enjoying international protection in Ukraine and members of their families
  • other permanent residents of Ukraine who cannot return to their home country

In Finland, temporary protection is also granted to the following persons:

  • Ukrainian citizens and their family members who fled Ukraine shortly before 24.2. and cannot return as a result of the conflict.
  • Other Ukrainian citizens already residing or arriving in Finland and their family members.
  • Non-EU nationals legally (otherwise than permanently) resident in Ukraine who cannot return to their home country.

This decision is initially valid until 4.3.2023.

Beneficiaries of temporary protection have the right to reside in a reception center and the right to services provided by the reception center. For example, they receive health care services and essential social care services, and their essential livelihoods are secured. If they wish, they can also arrange their own accommodation. Recipients of temporary protection have the right to work immediately. Temporary protection is sought from the police or the border authority, just like asylum.

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