Henkilöstövuokraus ja rekrytointi

Your partner in the Finnish labour market

Why not trust us with your recruitment and employment needs? We can serve as the Finnish employer for your staff.

Econia provides highly motivated and skilled human resources for both short- and long-term assignments. With our extensive national and international networks, the most suitable resources are always available to you. We can also supply foreign employees.

The employment of temporary staff is easy and risk-free: you only pay for the work which is performed. We will take care of all of the statutory obligations of the employer. In addition to temporary staffing, we can also meet your direct recruitment needs.

Econia is an authorized member of the Private Employment Agencies Association and operates in accordance with the Bureau Veritas Quality System. As we operate autonomously and independently of chains, we are able to offer competitive prices and a customer-friendly service.

We offer quality staffing services for almost all sectors:

•    Industry and production
•    Warehousing and transportation
•    Construction
•    Metal industry
•    Service sector
•    Trade and retail
•    Office and administrative tasks
•    Recruitment and outsourcing services