Quality performance starts with people

Taking quality and environmental and safety considerations into account is an essential part of business development, improved quality, higher productivity and better risk management in every organisation.

Econia specializes in managing and developing the quality of operations, services and products. We provide our customers with a wide variety of development tools, designed for specifying their quality objectives, identifying the means for achieving them and engaging employees in pursuing the acceptable standard of quality.

Econia offers a comprehensive quality service, ranging from quality system design to regular training activities and leased quality managers – or does your organisation have any specific wishes? Contact us and we can chart your needs and plan the appropriate solution together.

High quality starts with the people working in the company and the corporate mindset that extends throughout the organisational hierarchy from the shop floor to top management. Understanding the meaning of quality will provide the company with a clear image and a definite competitive advantage that cannot be achieved with even the most effective marketing campaign. The appropriate investments will pay for themselves in next to no time – not only financially, but also in the terms of higher customer satisfaction and the trust of various interest groups.

Econia´s excellent customer satisfaction and project performance record is guaranteed to increase the profitability and success of your business. We customize each service package according to the exact needs and objectives of the customer.

We are proud to serve our customers through our hands-on operating approach that also helps to avoid unnecessary documentation. Econia´s financial administration and temporary staffing operations were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate as early as in 2006.