Econia's expertise is unique in Finland

Leading partner for foreign companies entering Finland

Econia's growth story reflects the company's values and business principles. Growth is born out of a constant passion to evolve and help customers succeed. In over 25 years, Econia has grown from a consultancy of a few people into a major expert in financial and HR management and business development.

Since 2022, Econia has been part of the Administer Group.


Our promise

Our service promise is "The Success Maker". We create the conditions for success for our clients, for each other and for Econia as a company.

Econia in a nutshell

Founded: 1996
Turnover: 24,4 MEUR (2022)
Locations: 13 location in Finland 
Personnel: over 100 experts
Authorisations: Authorized by the Financial Management Association and member of the Private Employment Agencies Association
Cetificates: ISO 9001:2015 quality system, certified by Bureau Veritas
Other memberships: Finnish Real Estate Management Federation, FinNuclear Association



We are part of the Administer Group

Administer Group is a multi-talent in payroll and financial management services, software services, consulting, personnel and international services. We are the largest salary outsourcing partner in Finland and the leading expert in the fight against the grey economy. Our services are used by more than 5,000 customers, from SMEs to large companies, as well as municipalities and other public sector actors. Founded in 1985, the company is listed on the First North list of Nasdaq Helsinki.

Administer Group consists of payroll management service company Silta Oy, accounting firm Administer, business service and employment expert Econia Oy and software company EmCe Solution Partner Oy.

Our shared values serve as a compass for success



#Keeping promises #Commitment


#Appreciation #Cooperation


#Professional skills #Transparency

Courage to solve

#Attitude #Permission to make a mistake



When you're looking for a partner for success,

contact us and let's create the conditions for success together. 

Econia Ltd

Peltotie 20, FIN 28400 Ulvila
Tel. +358 2 6305 300

Econia Safe  A secure and protected communication channel for sending sensitive documents.
EmCe Whistle an anonymous whistle blowing channel.

Open: Mon - Fri 8 am–4 pm


Econia Sedatus Support
+358 10 292 6230

Billing information

Online invoice address: 003710541847
Operator: Open Text Oy
Intermediary ID: 003708599126

For sales invoicing issues, please contact us: or tel. +358 44 700 2071.

1234 Awesome St.
Rad City, TX 65432


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