Looking for a job?, employees?

We make it easier for companies to find employees who perfectly match their needs, while also offering job seekers the opportunity to find a job they like.

Looking for a new job?

Are you looking for a new job? We share a common goal of getting the work done – our clients all over Finland might be looking for your kind of talent. Explore open positions and find a new job.


For job seekers

Whether you are looking for a permanent job, part-time work, a summer job, weekend work, seasonal work, or want to earn extra income alongside your studies, we help you find the right job. We offer opportunities for career development, career change, and additional earnings.

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For businesses

Econia Staffing Services provides solutions for your company's staffing needs. Whether it's skilled temporary workers or successful targeted recruitment, we help balance seasonal fluctuations and find the right people for your job – be it a short-term project or a long-term employment.

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Staffing is a flexible and safe choice 

Staffing is a safe and flexible solution when the need for skilled workers varies, you want to balance seasonal fluctuations, or you need a temporary substitute quickly. Econia acts as the employer for temporary workers, taking care of all employer responsibilities. 

If we need employees, we can always call Econia, and they are ready to help in one way or another. We are 100% satisfied with the collaboration.

Kaja Juurak
Packaging Manager, Kyröntarhat Oy 

When you need a partner in HR services,

 contact our success makers and let's make it happen.

Janne Vainikkala

Sales Director

Jaakko Niinisalo

Sales Administration Director