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Local representative for posted workers

Econia acts as the official local representative of international companies towards the Finnish Authorities.

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We offer quality staffing

Econia provides highly motivated and skilled human resources for both short- and long-term assignments.

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Econia – your business partner in Finland

Econia has offered extensive business services and employment expertise for more than 20 years. We are the financial administration partner for foreign companies entering Finnish markets, industrial projects and sites.

Founded in 1996

Headquarter in Ulvila, 13 offices in Finland, 1 in Spain

Over 100 financial, payroll and hr experts, internation team

Over 200 emplyees outsourced via HR services daily

Turnover EUR 11 million, AAA credit rating, ISO 9001 certified

Privately owned and independent of chains


Social security payments 2022

Employee’s part:Pension Insurance Contribution:Employees, who are 17-52 years old 7,15 %Employees, who are 53-62 years old 8,65 %Employees, who are 63-68 years old 7,15 %Unemployment insurance contribution 1,50 %Health

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