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PEO, EOR, and GEO HR Outsourcing Services

PEO (Professional Employer Organization), EOR (Employer of Record), and GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) services offer companies the opportunity to outsource HR tasks and responsibilities to a third party.

These services are particularly beneficial for companies that want to focus on their core business and outsource complex and time-consuming HR tasks to a local expert who knows how to operate in the target country. This helps save time and resources and ensures that the company operates responsibly and complies with all local labor laws and regulations.

Our services offer companies the opportunity to expand their operations or hire employees in Finland without having to establish a local office. In this case, Econia effectively acts as your employer in Finland. We are responsible for payroll, tax payments, compliance with labor laws, statutory occupational health care, and the fulfillment of other employer obligations. This makes it easier for the customer company to operate and conquer the market in Finland, as it does not have to familiarize itself with the different rules and practices of each country.

“The service is also useful when a company wants to hire remote workers or invest in a new country, but it does not have the expertise, resources, or desire to handle local labor laws and administrative obligations on its own,” said Director Heimo Alatalo of Econia Oy.

“ At Econia, we believe that each customer company should be provided with a service package that supports their operations and is best suited to their needs. This way, each customer company is served as well as possible and at the same time the company does not have to pay for services that do not suit their company or that they do not need,” explains Director Alatalo. “We can serve the company from hiring the first employee to establishing the company and ultimately to payroll and accounting.”

If your company wants to operate in Finland, but the responsibilities and obligations of an employer in a foreign country pose challenges, contact us so that we can design a solution and service package that meets your needs.


Heimo Alatalo, Director, International Services and HR Services
heimo.alatalo(a)econia.com , tel. +358 50 527 9444


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