Tax advisory, payroll and accounting in Finland

International companies operating in Finland need a partner who has extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations. Our broad experience in international projects and knowledge of local legislation will aid you to fulfill all your obligations under Finnish law. Whether you operate in a nuclear power plant, construction site, ICT, or any other field in Finland, we take care of your business setup and financial administration based on your needs.

Our accounting services include bookkeeping, reporting, invoicing, payment services, the annual closing of books and tax notifications. We take care of your monthly bookkeeping and VAT notifications and provide these to Finnish authorities. International companies and their IFRS standards are well known for our financial experts.

Payroll administration can be set up in various ways. Some international companies need full payroll administration according to Finnish regulations, others need our consultation in payroll managment. International payroll companies are also our partners and Econia acts as their local payroll partner in Finland. Our payroll service includes issues relating to personal taxation of employees. Why do we need tax numbers? Do we need to go to the tax office? These, and many more questions are answered by our payroll specialists.

PEO Services

The easiest way for your company have a presence in Finland is through PEO service.

You have your preselected or our selected person working through us for you and you manage work and position in question.

You pay us the agreed price per month or per hour before the payday.

You will have your own HR team ready to help, when needed in issues in Finland.

This will allow you to have no presence on Finland as a company and save you a lot of time and effort. As coming to Finnish markets on short term duration this is ideal way to proceed.

Tax advisory

Who pays taxes to Finland and when? What is the 183 days borderline? What is progressive tax card and tax-at-source card? What about leased employees? These questions are handled by our payroll specialists in line with company´s obligations to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Other tax advisory topics relate to the company setup:

When does a company have a permanent establishment (PE) in Finland? When do we have to do bookkeeping in Finland? Are there different regulations in the construction industry? Are we VAT liable? What is prepayment registration? Do we need a VAT representative? 

Contact us, and we take care of these issues for your operations in Finland.