Business advisory services in Finland

Econia’s business advisory services are well-known in industrial projects – especially in the construction field. We have an extensive knowledge of the subcontracting chains and ways of making business in Finland.

What should you remember when signing a contract in Finland? What is a collective agreement? How much are daily allowances in Finland? What is the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Authority (AVI) asking? Should we set up a limited company in Finland?

International companies face a lot of questions when entering sites to various projects or even when employing just one person to an ICT project. We are here to help you and to provide you with our recommendations.

You may also benefit from our temporary staff recruitment services and trust us to carry out your recruitments.

With us, you will find the appropriate partners and gain valuable corporate contacts in your business.

We are happy to serve you in English, German or Swedish. How can we help you?