Compliance and Advisory services for subcontractors

We provide Compliance and Advisory services for the subcontracting network of large industrial projects on a full service basis. All of Econia’s advisory and consultancy services as well as extensive financial management services are available to subcontractors.

Benefits of Compliance and Advisory Services for Subcontractors

Consulting services tailored to the needs of foreign companies are available to the subcontracting network flexibly at an hourly rate. Compliance and Advisory services help to ensure that foreign companies understand their regulatory obligations and act in accordance with Finnish law and the practices specified by the customer in all situations. We help e.g. interpretation of collective agreements, obligations in the construction sector (tax number, personal identification number, list of persons), insurance matters and tax issues.

Benefits of Compliance and Advisory Services for the project

Compliance & Advisory services strive to ensure that taxes and obligations are properly managed throughout the subcontracting chain, that collective agreements are properly observed and interpreted on site, and that employees receive the benefits and pensions to which they are entitled. Well-functioning subcontracting chains ensure the reputation of the entire site.

Compliance and Advisory services include e.g.

  • Tax advice (company formation, registrations, permanent establishment, VAT liability, etc.)
  • Accounting and payroll
  • Collective agreements and their interpretation
  • Local representative of posted workers (legal obligation for foreign companies)
  • Consultation and advice on compliance and GDPR matters
  • Proactive risk management
  • Consultation and training in the initial meetings of large contractors’ projects