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Grey economy control services

Our anti-grey economy services are aimed at large industrial projects, such as construction sites.

Our proactive approach to preventing the grey economy has been honed in practical work over the past 15 years. The model is based on our own expertise and excellent stakeholder relationships.

A comprehensive model for combating the grey economy

In the holistic operating model, Econia is responsible for preventing the grey economy, contractor’s obligations and liability and licensing office, stakeholder cooperation, and the supervision and training of subcontracting chains. The main focus of the operating model is on proactive risk management.

In accordance with our quality policy, we constantly strive to improve our operations and develop our operating model according to the needs of the projects.

The benefits of a proactive anti-grey economy policy

The proactive grey economy policy developed by Econia aims at seamless management of subcontracting chains and the prevention of the grey economy. Settlement of customer liability issues begins even before the signing of subcontracting agreements.

The strength of the model is an unbroken chain from handling day-to-day liability issues to managing and advising subcontracting chains and resolving acute problem situations.

Responsible operation in accordance with compliance requirements

Our goal is responsible and predictable operations in accordance with best practices. We monitor the implementation of responsibility and compliance requirements as agreed with the customer. For our part, we monitor the reputation of the project, as only the seamless management of the subcontracting chain ensures that the parties meet their regulatory obligations.

Active stakeholder cooperation and problem prevention

We carry out active, transparent stakeholder cooperation, e.g. with the tax administration, Regional State Administrative Agency and trade unions. We strive to prevent problem situations through active information, thorough familiarization and training of the subcontracting network, and comprehensive supervision. We will deal with problem cases promptly on site for you.


Site internal and external guidance and training

We make regular briefings to the subcontracting network on topics you want, such as terms and conditions of employment, the collective agreement used, taxation and reporting requirements. We can develop guidance and training materials for the subcontracting chain (e.g. digital training) according to your needs. There is also the option of auditing subcontractors by Econia and mandatory basic training before arriving at the site.

Subcontracting chain´s risk management and control

We work with you to develop a risk management plan and design a business model that suits your needs. Above all, we invest in proactive action to prevent and anticipate problems (including training, regular inspections and spot checks).

Staffing control

We know the risks and patterns of abuse associated with temporary work in large industrial projects, so we are able to prevent breaches of the rules, crimes and reputational risks. Econia is a member of The Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL, which has been providing personnel services since 1996. We are familiar with industry regulations.

Other expert services for international industrial projects

The cooperation can be extended to other Econia’s financial management and HR services. At your disposal are Econia’s experts in international business services, corporate law, human resources and financial management, as well as our entire cooperation network.