Construction, industrial, engineering and ICT sectors in Finland

Enter Finland with Econia! International companies can have access to the same benefits as Finnish companies in competing for projects in Finland.

Finland´s economic situation is very promising as the economy was expected to grow by 3.1 % in the year 2017 according to the Bank of Finland. Growing economy means growth in various business fields.

Foreign companies have many business opportunities in the construction field throughout Finland. There are huge investments in nuclear power plants, bio-product mills, oil refineries, windmills, LNG-terminals and at shipyards in Finland. Foreign companies may take part in these investments as main contractors or as subcontracting partners. Olkiluoto power plant has been the main site of our international clients.

Growth also means more demand in retail, ICT and digitalization fields. Startups in various business fields have opportunities to grow and take advantage of the efficient Finnish economy.

Econia is your partner in investing and entering the Finnish market. We offer international companies company setup services, financial administration, staffing and recruitment, and a local representative service under the same roof. Our rock-solid experience in international projects and knowledge of local legislation will aid you to fulfill all your obligations under Finnish law.

We will help you to set up your operations in the proper way tailored to your company´s needs. Whether it means company formations, re-registrations, change of company status, we are here to help you. Econia can act as your local representative for your posted workers, take care of your financial administration, provide you temporary staffing and take care of recruitment or help you in finding partners to grow your business.

We take care of your business growth in the Finnish market!

For more information regarding investing in Finland and reasons why foreign companies should invest in Finland, please see Invest in Finland – Why Finland.