Temporary staffing in Finland

Temporary staffing gives you qualified and motivated staff when you need it, either for short or long employment. We map out employees’ know-how and recommend the most suitable persons for your open positions.

Temporary staffing is risk-free: you only pay for the resources you need, when you need them. The employees work for Econia Ltd, and we pay all mandatory employers cost. If you prefer so, you can always establish permanent employment.

Independent operation model makes our pricing competitive and flexible. Cooperation is tailored to your needs: we can build together innovative Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) service models that bring you savings and make your business more efficient.

The easiest way for your company have a presence in Finland is through PEO service. You have your preselected or our selected person working through us for you and all management is on you on work and position in question. You pay us the agreed price per month or per hour before the payday. You will have your own HR team ready to help, when needed in issues in Finland. 

This will allow you to have no presence on Finland as a company and safe you a lot of time and effort. As coming to Finnish markets or short term duration this is ideal way to proceed. Our customer satisfaction is extremely high according to customer service surveys.

Econia HR Services takes good care of its employees. We always pay at least according to collective agreement and help our employees to find jobs matching their interest and knowledge. This way you will get motivated and skilled staff.

Econia HR Services has helped hundreds Finnish and international companies already from 1996 onwards. We offer staff to almost all industries. On a yearly basis, we make about 400–500 work contracts, and we have about 120 persons working through us daily. We are a member of HPL, The Private Employment Agencies Association of Finland.