Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services

Also knowns as the Employer of Record (EoR) services

Do you need to be operational in new markets quickly?

Are you interested to hire internationally without the hassle and costs of opening a local entity?

We can help you with that!

Our PEO/EoR service is a turnkey service for foreign companies who have no local subsidiary in Finland. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offers outsourced human resource services for the customer, providing comprehensive employment services such as payroll and HR management.

The PEO/EoR model is a way for companies to hire workers in a new global market without having to deal with the legal and financial liabilities of setting up a local entity in that country. It’s an easy, fast and legal way to hire your candidate to work, no matter where your company is in the world. In the PEO model, an EOR (Employer of Record) is the registered employer of the workers and takes on all the legal responsibility, giving the customer company opportunity to focus more on its core business. As an EOR, Econia hires your international talent on your behalf and becomes their legal employer in Finland. We take care of duties related to the employment relationship, such as onboarding, employment contracts, statutory insurances, occupational health care, payroll, taxes and ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations. 

As an example, the employee can be either a Finnish employee living in Finland who works remotely for your foreign company or your foreign candidate whom you want to place to work in Finland for a specific project. If your company intends to establish a permanent office in Finland, while establishing the office, your employees can already work for you through Econia´s PEO/EoR services.

Quickly and compliantly onboard

  • employees arriving from abroad do not need an A1 certificate, because Finnish social security legislation applies
  • the employee’s personal tax is paid to Finland

HR and payroll management

  • HR contact person for employees and customers
  • salary and other payments in accordance to Finnish collective agreements and laws

Monthly invoicing

  • the price consists of employee´s salary x agreed multiplier
  • the charges of additional services will be agreed separately

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International HR Services
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International HR Services
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