Contractor´s Liability Act in Finland

International companies operating in Finland in industrial projects are normally affected by the so-called contractor´s Liability Act. Econia performs services towards the obligations under the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability.

The regional state administration is the local authority who controls these obligations. Contractors must obtain the reports specified in the Act on all partners before signing any agreements on subcontracting or temporary agency work.

For international companies operating in Finland, it is vital to understand, that this documentation is needed before site access throughout Finland. Contact Econia well before site access and let us help you to take care of your duties!

The Act applies to all construction activities, including, besides housing construction, maintenance and repair of buildings and civil engineering. In construction activities, the Act applies to all contractors for the work that operate in a common workplace. It also applies to all those contracting out part of the work, regardless of whether the contracting party is an employer or not. Small subcontracts and contracts on the use of temporary agency workers are excluded from the scope of application of the Act by setting limit values.


  • The total duration of the work for which a temporary agency worker or workers are hired does not exceed 10 working days.
  • The value of compensation in the case of a subcontract, excluding VAT, is less than EUR 9,000. (Source:

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