New guidelines for border traffic

These instructions issued by the Finnish border guard provide passengers with information on the changes that apply to entry to Finland as of 27 January. Restrictions on entry into Finland will continue until 25 February 2021. The new restrictions aim to reduce cross-border traffic in order to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 variants.

Only essential travel for work will be permitted across internal borders. Essential travel constitutes work that is important for the functioning of society or for security of supply, that must be performed by a person or persons arriving from another country and that must be carried out without delay. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment maintains a list of the work that is considered important for the functioning of society or for security of supply. However, any critical task included in the list does not automatically mean that entry into the country is warranted. Employers must use a separate form to justify why the job of a worker seeking entry into Finland is essential and why the work must be performed without delay. The worker seeking to enter Finland presents this form in the border check in addition to other documents required for crossing the border.

Government recommends avoiding unnecessary travel abroad

Finnish citizens and residents of Finland always have the right to return to Finland, and everyone has the right to leave Finland if they so wish, provided that there is no legal impediment to this. The Government recommends avoiding unnecessary travel to other countries, except for countries for which the restrictions on entry have been lifted. Travellers must be aware of the current entry and quarantine regulations of their country of destination.

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