Administer Plc: Growth driven by acquisitions

Administer seeks to continue growth investments as well as organic and inorganic growth in 2023. Administer estimates that its net sales will be EUR 76–81 million (52.8 in 2022) and its EBITDA margin will be 7–9% (7.1 in 2022) in 2023.

“Correction to Administer’s Financial statements release 2022 published on 30 March 2023 at 8:30 EEST. The line “Impairment of non-current financial assets” was missing from the consolidated statement of income table on page 18 of the Financial statements release. The correct total financial income and expenses was -357 thousand euros for July-December 2022 and -406 thousand euros for January-December 2022. ” 

You can download the review in its entirety as a pdf file. The report is also available at

The entire company bulletin on the Administer Group website.