Taloushallinnon palvelut Econiasta

Econia assists the families of its Ukrainian employees

The first bus left from Pöytyä to Ukraine as soon as the war broke out on Friday 25 February 2022. Coordinated by Antti Keskitalo and Janne Vainikkala of Econia’s Personnel Services (Auranmaa Personnel Service), the volunteers have left to pick up the families and relatives of Ukrainians working in Finland. Antti and Janne and their families have also organized the collection of clothes, household items and other necessities without sparing their troubles.

Previous buses to Ukraine from Pöytyä have been minibuses for 8 people, and last Friday, a 60-seat Matka-Niinimäki Oy bus left for Ukraine to pick up those fleeing the war. Together with that bus, another Tokeen Liikenne Oy´s bus left from Orivesi. The buses include a couple of Ukrainian people as guides and interpreters, who have already visited the Polish – Ukrainian border. Two people also left in advance to prepare for pick-up near the Ukrainian border.

In all, more than twenty Ukrainian women and children have already arrived at Pöytyä. The apartments used to accommodate Ukrainian workers have now been harnessed for family use, with more beds and cots for children.

People’s desire to help has been unprecedented, with both private and business helping. Food aid, clothing and even housing for the use of visitors have been provided. Tallink Silja offers ferry trips for both pick-up and drop-off for free.

Many thanks already at this stage to all our customers, other companies, associations and individuals for your help in carrying out this operation!

More information:
Sales Manager Antti Keskitalo, antti.keskitalo(a)econia.com, tel. +358 40 509 2326
Sales Manager Janne Vainikkala, janne.vainikkala(a)econia.com, tel. +358 40 762 5691

Kuvassa vasemmalta Zakhar Hrishchenko, Nikolai Solovei ja Janne Vainikkala. Kuva: Antti Keskitalo

From left to right: Zakhar Hrishchenko, Nikolai Solovei and Janne Vainikkala. Photo: Antti Keskitalo