New instructions to passengers entering Finland

The instructions issued by the Finnish border guard provide passengers with information on the changes that apply to entry to Finland as of 28 September.

As of 28 September, residents of Finland will only be allowed to travel to half a dozen European countries without facing a quarantine on their return.

Those on the “safe countries ” list are Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Poland and San Marino. The government urges people to avoid any unnecessary travel to all other European countries.

New restrictions are also taking effect for those arriving from Georgia, Canada and Tunisia.

Residents of Finland may only travel freely to countries which have reported a maximum of 25 Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants within the preceding two weeks.

Passengers arriving from countries above this limit are told to begin a two-week self-imposed quarantine on their return to Finland. If need be, authorities can also order people into obligatory quarantine.

One exception is travel to and from Sweden and Estonia for work. This will still be permitted without a quarantine requirement, even though these countries’ infection rates have risen.

The same applies to residents of communities on northern Finland’s borders with Sweden and Norway.

Outside Europe, the only countries free of travel restrictions are Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand and Uruguay.

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