Additional employment conditions for long-term posting

Long-term posting means work lasting for a minimum of 12 months.

In the future, long-term postings to Finland, i.e. those lasting at minimum 12 months, will be subject not only to mandatory employment conditions as defined in the Act on Posting Workers, but also to additional employment conditions. 

This will ensure equal treatment of posted workers in the country of work in relation to local employees.

In practice, the application of the additional employment conditions will take place in 1 December 2021.

Any of the following provisions, which shall be earned depending on time limits or the duration of the employment relationship, must be taken into account:

  • determination of the personal payment component;
  • paid anniversaries;
  • accumulation of annual leave and holiday pay;
  • holiday compensation and holiday bonus;
  • meal remuneration;
  • work experience supplements;
  • the payment of sick pay, and
  • the payment of maternity and paternity leave pay.

Any other provisions on various supplements and compensations relevant to the promotion of equal treatment of posted workers should also be taken into account. 

Origin: Occupational safety and health Administration in Finland

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